About Joan Grabel

A native of Brooklyn New York, Joan studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York. One of her mentors was the Minimalist artist Robert Mangold, known for combining classical elements of composition – shape, line and color – to create abstract large-scale works. This had a profound impact on her artistic sensibility.

After moving to Los Angeles, Joan developed her art and exhibited in many group shows, notably the David Stuart Gallery, where she was one of twelve female artists in the show 'The Dirty Dozen', 'Contemporary California Artists' at the Space Museum North Gallery and a solo exhibition at the Woman's Building in Los Angeles. Inspired by the California landscape she expanded her art from the canvas to the landscape and applied her sense of color and composition to landscape design - she is the Principal of Park Slope Design. Over a 25-year career Joan created landscapes that reflect the same adherence to Minimalism that her works on paper and canvas embody, often using a single line to create movement and a single color to create mass. An award winning landscape designer, Joan's projects have been featured in numerous publications. 

Now living in northern New Mexico, Joan is inspired by the vastness of the sky, raw beauty of the rock formations, diverse landscapes, and subtle and vibrant colors. Influenced by Japanese minimalist aesthetics, Buddhism and Native American cosmology and culture, she explores the essence of form and the impact of color and light. Selected work from the Ephemeral Unending photography series was exhibited at SITE Santa Fe in 2019 and the Chelsea Ceres Gallery in New York City in December of 2018. 

Joan holds a Bachelor of Science in Art Eduction from (NYU) New York University, a Master of Arts in Art from (CSLA) California State University Los Angeles, and studied Landscape Architecture at (UCLA) University of California in Los Angeles.